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The Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Beginning in February 2020, countries locked down due to the emergence of COVID-19, and the fashion industry was at the edge of a sudden seismic shift. The pandemic-induced blows forced the industry to address issues that have been emerging for years. Historically, the industry has taken a reactive approach to changes in the environment and uses of emerging technology rather than a proactive approach. One can argue that the pandemic acted as a catalyst propelling the industry to rethink the traditional approaches and utilize new technology more quickly. The industry faced the need to quickly adapt to the extensive challenges brought about by the pandemic, such as halted production, closed retailers, consumers who are increasingly hesitant to make purchases, and the issues that arose as the world went digital.

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What is Techno-Fashion?

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D Scanning

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Artificial Intelligence

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Digital Influencers and the Two-Step Flow Theory

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Communication Theory of Identity

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Theory of Semiotics and Communication

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