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Tinder, But Make It Fashion

New platforms and apps that popped up during the pandemic use AI to take product discovery to the next level. “The Yes” platform is like the Tinder of fashion. You can swipe to say yes or no to items of clothing and accessories from hundreds of brands. The app uses algorithms on a singular level, so each user has his or her own algorithm to help her or him find pieces that match her or his style. The algorithms become more accurate with each swipe, and as new trends emerge, the algorithms will show the new trends most relevant to you. Therefore, it has the ongoing ability to adapt the trends to the user. You can also save for purchase later when you began to go out again, making it an effective new shopping app for the environment during the pandemic. Apps like The Yes platform also give brands a better glimpse into how consumers shop for clothing and accessories. What are typically investment pieces? Do consumers combine high and low-priced items?

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