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Building a Narrative and Capitalizing on PEPs

NFT profile pictures or PFPs have become enviable property and a status symbol for the Web 3.0 community. PFPs may be emerging as a new way of digital representation, and as PFPs become more extravagant, there is a huge opportunity for fashion.


Gucci continues to position themselves as a pioneer and model for other brands regarding the strategic and creative use of technology. Gucci, via its experimental Gucci Vault off-shoot brand, recently partnered with 10KTF to create NFTs called Gucci Grail.  10KTF is a narrative experience designed as a metaverse-style treasure hunt that rewards people for engagement and early adoption. 


The brand offers two designs for PEP owners inspired by the Aria and Love Parade collections as incentive to invest and participate in the project. 

gucci grail nft pep.png

How is Gucci promoting the project and building excitement?

The brand is slowly dropping clues and details on social media for weeks to build anticipation and extend engagement to the social media platforms. Levels of statuses like the “Explorer status” also encourage engagement and build loyalty as well as to emphasize status. To add the exclusivity factor, which is an important part of the luxury brand identity, the brand is granting exclusive assets and restricting access to those who own specific NFTs.

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