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“Hey Alexa, help me find a new dress for my graduation.” 

Fashion brands are beginning to leverage conversational assistants through chatbots and voice assistant devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. All markets within the industry are experimenting with this use of AI, but the markets’ approach to branding the chatbots and voice assistant differs. For example, ASOS, a fast fashion brand, named their system a “style assistant” while Prada, an haute couture and luxury powerhouse, branded the brand’s conversational assistant a “personalized concierge” to align the technology with the brand’s identity and sophisticated style.  


Fashion brands can more effectively gather valuable data by using conversational interfaces to ask customers questions, understand customer preferences and trends, dive deeper into their purchase patterns, and suggest related and add-on items. For example, when you need new heels or a dress, you can converse with an intelligent conversational interface to find your perfect dress instead of perusing a website. 


Social media conglomerates have begun to enter the fashion space using technologies like AI. Facebook researchers have developed Fashion++, a system that uses AI to recommend how to make an outfit more stylish. The system “reads” outfit images submitted by users and then makes adjustments like untucking a shirt, taking off a scarf or changing the color of a top to make it more stylish. However, the system relies on humans to evaluate its suggestions. The technology could be used by digital assistants to provide personal styling or shopping advice.

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