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Helping You Find That Pair Of Jeans That Fit "Just Right"

Companies like Virtusize are emerging to help transform the customer experience when shopping online by using AI and data. Companies like these build virtual sizing tools to increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns and help consumers find the perfect fit. Virtuesize helps consumers search for items that fit them by comparing a product's size with their past purchases and gives the consumer access to a curated selection of similarly designed styles that are on sale. 

The long-term use of virtual sizing tools can help reduce bracketing. Bracketing, a term describing the act of purchasing multiple colors and/or sizes of one garment or shoe online and only keeping one version, is a persisting issue that negatively impacts brands and the environment (Hartmans, 2021). 

E-commerce seems to have been created for standardized products like laptops, cell phones, and office supplies rather than for fashion, which requires the potential purchaser to think about factors like fit, feel, and quality. The structure of many fashion product pages typically remains underwhelming: a few visuals, a price tag, and an “Add to Cart” button. 


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