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The New Pop-Up and Store Experience

 Fashion brands are creating virtual or augmented experiences like AR pop-up stores, interactive catalogs and look-books, and VR recreations of a store. 

Airwalk, a footwear brand, created an “invisible” pop-up shop using AR and geolocation to promote the limited-edition relaunch of the Airwalk Jim. You had to download the AR app to learn the location of the pop-up.

Retailers are redesigning traditional print materials using new technology. The pandemic prohibited C&A from organizing their semi-annual collection showroom event, but the retailer still wanted to celebrate the launch of their Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. C&A decided to bring the experience to their guests through an integrated magazine featuring 20 different immersive experiences powered by 8th Wall. Guests used their smartphones to unlock the web-based AR experience by scanning QR codes found throughout the pages of the magazine. The experience provided an innovative way to engage guests and involve them in the creative process. Some of the highlights:

  • An AR portal that lets guests discover the new collection in their homes

  • A unique live coloring experience created by integrating machine learning (OpenCV) to allow guests themselves to become fashion designers by coloring a sketch and see their sketch projected on the 3D model of the dress floating above the magazine

In October 2021, Selfridges, a department store based in London, collaborated with Charli Cohen, London physical and digital streetwear designer, and Yahoo Ryot Lab, a Yahoo content studio to create an immersive virtual pop-up store (Electricity/City). Pokemon also helped with the project. Shoppers could access it in the store by scanning a QR code or by visiting online via a special website. You can purchase both physical and virtual items in the pop-up. The collaboration is an example of how fashion retailers and brands are attempting to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds.

Experience it for yourself, and enter Electricity/City by clicking the image

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